Overall design

  • Racecar design like a combination of a DP and LMP

  • Includes some supercar styling cues

Two possible design configurations

  • GTP with T top

  • Roadster with open top

True two-seater design

  • Dual seats with full harnesses and head restraints


  • 167.5 L x 78 W x 40 H with a 107 wheelbase

  • Accommodates drivers 5'3" to 6'3" tall

  • Short front and rear overhangs

  • Paneled square tube frame chassis

  • Designed envelop to accept carbon fiber chassis as a future option

  • Carbon fiber bodywork and rear wing


  • GM LS6 engine tuned to 500 hp baseline w/ Emco GA46 transaxle

  • Sequential paddle-shift

  • BMW V8 is another engine option

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